Enough is Enough 

  I know. I know he has been cheating on me .I can see it in his eyes. The way he looks at the girl hawking oranges across the street from the corner of his eyes.I know it isn’t the oranges on her head he wants,it is the other one.  I can see it in his smiles. The way he smiles seductively at the lady over the counter at Shoprite. I know there is more to it than meet the eyes. I don’t want to ask him whether he has been cheating on me. I know he will try to convince me he isn’t cheating. I don’t want to be convinced.

He comes back home very late today. He said  it is the traffic that held him down. I know he is lying,it is boldly written on his forehead for me to see . His body is reeking from a woman’s perfume. His white shirt is smeared with a lady’s lipstick . I don’t want to ask him where he got those from. He will try to make me belief it isn’t what I’m thinking. I don’t want to belief. 

I walk into the kitchen now. The water for the eba*   is already steaming. I pick the kettle stealthily.He is lying on the sofa now. I emptied the content of the kettle on his body. He jerks up and screams simultaneously. Enough is enough, I don’t deserve all this.  

I am icing his bruises now. I know he won’t cheat on me again. I can see it in his eyes. Trust me. 

*  A popular food in Western Nigeria 


  1. I feel wowed by this tho I’m not totally convinced d guy will stop if hez actually cheating sef…. but it’s nyc

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  2. I like it 😍
    But what if the man was not cheating but she’s got wrong assumption about the guy. Y should The guy stop cheating just bcos she poured hot water on him. If I were the guy, the girl won’t find it funny.

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